A Shift in the Status Quo

A Shift in the Status Quo

Despite the efforts of a few recent world leaders, we still live in a globalized world, and doing business in this environment depends mainly on people’s skills to communicate effectively.

Over the past few years, the idea that ‘by only speaking another language, one would be successful doing business in that language’ has been debunked. Especially now, that this skill is no longer used just for international trips, hosting a foreign visitor at the office or attending conventions abroad.

There used to be a joke about all those years and money invested on English courses just to shake hands with a foreigner, give them a little “nice to meet you” and get back to the normal routine at the office, without any meaningful conversation being developed.

Business communication in an international market requires English knowledge and fluency. It is true that without the English mastery, communication can be established, but still, only knowing the language is not enough when companies and executives face the business challenges presented to them e.g. strategic planning, meetings, presentations, negotiations.

In other words, Business Communication skills go beyond just speaking another language. In a world where some are trying to raise walls or close doors, it is vital that any window of opportunity is seized, but for this to happen, the message must be clear, spotless and to the point.