Trend Alliance

Trend Alliance
  • How can we give our clients options to study at the world’s best Business Schools…and also bring those Schools here to Brazil?
  • How can we help our executive clients maintain their relevancy?
  • How can we help YOU maximize YOUR potential?

These questions drove Trend School to create unprecedented alliances with the world’s leading International Business Schools. Simply put, Trend Alliance allows our executive-level clients to maximize their potential.

The Trend Alliance platform allows us to bring co-branded, customized Executive Education programs, as well as open-enrollment programs, to Trend School’s conference center in São Paulo… while also encouraging participants to attend on-campus programs at our partner Business Schools worldwide.

The foundation of our Trend Alliance partnerships is Trend School’s consultative, one-on-one approach to executive development. Each client participating in our Executive Education programs undergoes an extensive development needs analysis, which allows Trend School to construct a development track uniquely tailored to his or her individual needs. Supplemental Trend Alliance resources also make it possible for participants to learn from home or from the office, using a variety of virtual learning methods.

With Trend Alliance, your professional development becomes a worldwide journey.